The Eastern Elementary Star Express



The Eastern Elementary Star connects the Oak Park neighborhood to Eastern Elementary in Traverse City.

The Star Express departs from its Station in the alley of Ty and Johanna Schmidt’s house at 841 Washington Street 8:35.

The Star Express enjoys what has to be one of the most beautiful bike train routes in Michigan. It heads down Washington Street, across Garfield at the crosswalk, onto the Civic Center’s path using the Sharrows, down the hill, crossing Front Street at the light, by Dennos Museum into the NMC campus, under the pines, by the greenhouse and West Hall, to the “secret path” and finally to Eastern Elementary.

Sometimes we stop for a quick rip at the skatepark and explore the single track trails behind the school. FUN!

About a 2km ride.


The Star Express will arrive back at its Station after school at 4:30.

A Norte volunteer will lead the Star Express both to and from school. Parents are responsible for getting their child to the Star Express Station on time as well as picking them up there after school.

Our trains pride themselves on being punctual. We can’t be late for school, therefore, the Express will not wait for anyone.

Fridays Fantastico rules apply:

Helmets required.
Safe riding mandatory.
Smiles and highfives encouraged.

Please email us if you’re planning on riding the Star Express.