Winter Biking to School + The TC Bike Plow


Northwest Second Wave Media recently published a nice article, “Cyclists clearing the walks and trails of picturesque Traverse City“, on how our bike plow can clear snow off sidewalks, multi-use trails, and even neighborhood skating rinks.

As the article suggests, and NORTE! agrees, the real power of the bike plow lays in its ability to make biking to school a year round possibility for our Traverse City kids.

Of course, our city, Civic Center and NMC should get most of the credit. Their snow plow dudes do a killer job. So does the dedicated team of TART volunteers who clear the entire TART from Cherry Bend to Bunker Hill and shovel the Boardman Lake Bride Trail by hand. But, there are some days (especially this winter, 270cm and counting!) when the snow is just too much for our kids to ride through.

Enter the TC Bike Plow. Each of our Bike Train volunteers is equipped with a plow who then pulls it in front while the kids ride a smoothed out 60cm wide trail behind. It makes their ride significantly easier. It really does.

Our awesome NORTE! volunteer gets their workout in, the neighborhood sidewalks get plowed (our Bike Trains ride on the quiet sidewalks in the winter…the plows turn them into protected bike lanes of sorts for the kids) and the kids get to ride to school safely. It’s a win-win-win.

We have some kids (like Max!…read his story HERE) who haven’t missed a Bike To School Friday yet. The TC Bike Plow played a large role in this.

So three cheers for the TC Bike Plow. If we can bike through the winter of 2014, we can bike through any winter. Who knew such a simple yet elegant and effective design could do such good?

Email us at to learn how you can help.

We have open-sourced our bike plow design with a DIY instructional HERE.

Read more on our TC Bike Plow Experiment HERE.

Bike Happy. Bike Más. Bike TC.