The Central Grade Coastal Classic


The Central Grade Coastal Classic is a Norte! powered bike train which connects Old Town Neighborhood to Central Grade School for Bike To School Fridays.

The Coastal Classic leaves from its Station at Oryana (the corner of Lake/10th) at 7:40. With a nod to the semi-luxurious Alaskan passenger train, this bike train enjoys a lovely ride through Central neighborhood to to school.

About a 2km ride.


A Norte! volunteer will lead the Coastal Classic to school (we are currently looking for help getting it back after school!). Parents are responsible for getting their child to the Coastal Classic station on time.

Our trains pride themselves on being punctual. We can’t be late for school therefore The Coastal Classic will not wait for anyone.

Bike To School Fridays rules apply:

Helmets required
Safe riding mandatory
Smiles and High Fives encouraged

Please email Kaitlyn Burns, the Coastal Classic’s chief conductor, at if you’re planning on riding The Coastal Classic.

Being a Friday Bike Train Conductor is both easy and awesome.

Top 10 reasons why should become a Norte! Conductor HERE.

Bike Happy. Bike Mas. Bike TC.