Norte! Rides With Iceman

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In partnership with McLain Cycle and Fitness, our weekly mountain bike shred, VASA DOMINGOS, is going to be WAY more awesome this Sunday. Señor Brown, Mr. Iceman himself, will join us for a practice ride on the Slush Cup course as part of IMBA’s Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day. After an awesome Iceman last year, we’re stoked to crush it again. All ages and abilities are welcome. Even if you’re not signed up to race, we hope you’ll come and ride with us anyway.

WHEN? Sunday, October 5.

WHERE? Meet at the main lodge at Timber Ridge at 11:45. Rolling at 12.

HOW LONG? We will follow the Slush Cup course on the VASA 10k loop. Roughly 13km (8 miles) in all.

ARE THERE HILLS? Yep. Several. They build character.

HOW ABOUT SAND? Si. A lot. Nothing to worry about though.

WILL THERE BE SNACKS? Only if you bring them. This is a BYO-snack event so don’t forget your eats as we’ll be having a little post-ride picnic.

Maybe Iceman will even show off his famous bike handling skills on the terrain park? You better come to find out.

As always, por favor, remember to Bike Happy/Bike Más and we’ll see you this Sunday!


Awesome day. Thanks, Iceman!