The Orange Helmet Project


We love, love, love Orange here at Norte!. We love it so much that we made it our official color. Orange is of saffron, carrots, pumpkins, apricots, the Dutch and now, Norte! bike helmets, too.

The Orange Helmet Project (OHP) is a brand new initiative to promote more visibility for our Traverse City-wide Bike Trains (just try not to spot our oh-so-orange group as we pedal to school). It also hopes to create awareness for Norte! and who we are/what we do.

The OHP isn’t just for kids, we encourage cyclists of all ages to rock the orange helmet and support our mission of inspiring Traverse City youth through bicycles and advocating for a more bike-friendly TC.

Like they say, “Orange is the new black”.

There are many cool orange helmets on the market but if your current helmet is in good shape, follow these simple DIY steps and you can show your support for Norte!.

1. Ride your bike down to your neighborhood hardware store and buy some orange spray paint. This fluorescent stuff works great:

photo (3)

2. Tape off your helmet’s styrofoam if it has any.

3. Push your compost pitchfork into the ground and hang your helmet from its handle.

4. Apply the paint in a nice even coat. Repeat x 3-4 coats. (added bonus: your compost pitchfork will now have a nice orange handle so you won’t lose it/step on it after turning the pile).

5. Put your helmet on and ride your bike!

Post photos of you and your helmet to our Facebook page or to Instagram/Twitter with #OrangeHelmetProject

Bike Happy. Bike Más. Bike TC. Bike Orange.