A NORTE! Story: Max Slays The Polar Vortex


Photo Credit: Beth Price Photography

Remember last winter here in Traverse City? How could you not?

The infamous Polar Vortex.
A near record low of -28C.
Frozen bays.
138″ (that’s 351cm, folks!) of snow.
Soul crushing winds out of Canada.
Sometimes icy and treacherous roads.

No biggie. None of this mattered to our boy Max, a then fifth grader at Glenn Loomis Montessori. Before Thanksgiving, when the snow came to stay, Max committed to biking to school everyday. And he did just that. Every single morning from November through March, Max got up a little early and pedaled the 6 blocks to school. No need for a fancy fat bike, either. He rocked his dad’s 20 year old Bridgestone with canti brakes, goofy handlebars and ho-hum 26″ non-studded tires. He simply strapped on his ski helmet and googles, pulled on his snow pants and boots, donned his toque and mitts, grabbed his backpack and got to it.

All. Winter. Long.

Max is legit. He’s brave. A non-complainypants and slayer of Polar Vortexes.

Keep awesome, Max, and thanks for the inspiration.


A NORTE! Story is a blog series highlighting N!YC riders/volunteers/supporters in our first year of inspiring Traverse City youth through bicycles.

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And let’s ride bikes together soon.

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