Buy One – Give One: A N!YC Racing Project


Sort of like TOM’S and their shoes, Norte! Youth Cycling will give a jersey to one of our racers for every jersey bought by an adult. This allows us to look rad at the races while keeping it affordable for our families. It also allows awesome people (like you!) to support N!YC and our mission of inspiring Traverse City youth through bicycles. Win. Win.

Here’s How It Works:

1. You buy one of our very, very ORANGE! jerseys at cost ($55). Norte! bibs, arm warmers, vests, jackets and socks are also available. Ordering form HERE.

2. We’ll give a jersey to one of our racers. If you have a daughter, grandson, fave neighborhood kid etc. would like to race with us, they can have your jersey. More info on our N!YC Racing program HERE.

3. We’ll put you in touch with your racer so that they can send you a Thank You and to give you updates on their racing/training during the season.

4. You get a very, very ORANGE! jersey to let everyone know that you support youth cycling in TC as well as a warm fuzzy for helping a Traverse City kid race Traverse City events.

Thanks to Champion System (N!YC is an official ChampSys Ambassador Team) and our awesome local sponsors for supporting the Buy One – Give One Program.

Email us at with questions.

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