Bike To The State. Then Eat Soup And Bread.

Join Norte! as we bike to The State Theater on Monday, March 16th to support our friends at TART and DowntownTC. They’re screening the documentary, The Human Scale, to raise funds for their trails and place-making projects.

The Little Fleet’s free Soup And Bread event is also on the 16th from 6-8pm. Yep, FREE! soup and bread made with love by local celebrity chefs including Cordwood BBQ, Pete Peterson, Jen from the Cooks House, Mission Table, Susan from Hillside Homestead and Andrea from 9 Bean Rows. Donations will go to support us! Yay, us.

It’s going to be a killer Monday night. You should probably come.

Here’s the scoop:

1. Ride your bicycle (or walk! walking is totally cool, too) to The Little Fleet at 5:30.
2. Buy your $5 ticket.
3. At 5:45, hop back on your bike and pedal (or walk!) down Front Street with us in a two-wheeled-awesome-person parade of sorts. 
4. Watch The Human Scale. Be inspired.
5. Ride your bike back to The Little Fleet to enjoy some FREE Bread and Soup. 
6. Put a little somethin’ in the donation jar as a thank you for the yummy soup and bread. These donations will go to Norte! and help support our mission of building a more bike-friendly Traverse City by inspiring young people through bicycles.
7. Ride your bicycle (or walk! yay, walkers!) back home.
8. Give yourself a pat on the back for crushing your Monday evening and supporting several do-gooding organizations in TC.

Bike Happy. Bike Más. Bike To The State.