10 Reasons Why You Should Become a Norte Bike Train Conductor


Because helping neighborhood kids bike to their neighborhood school just might be the most important thing you can do with your bicycle.

Norte is seeking quality adult volunteers to help us grow our network of bike trains in northern Michigam

Our goal is to bring more – lots more! – ity neighborhoods to more Traverse City neighborhood schools to allow more Traverse City students to bike to school.

But we need bike train conductors to make it happen. Lots of them!

Bike train conductors lead trains to/from neighborhood elementary schools on Fridays for Fridays Fantasticos.

Top 10 reasons why you should become a Norte! Bike Train Conductor:

1. Conductors are super-duper volunteers. And have a whole lot of fun while doing it. We dare ya to not have a good time while pedaling to school.

2. Conductors support active, happy, ready-to-learn kids. It’s a scientific fact that biking to school makes students happier, healthier and smarter!

3. Conductors are teachers. Every bike train trip is a teaching moment. They educate on safe, smart riding to empower their riders to become independent, confident, intelligent cyclists.

4. Conductors build community. They help families who might want to bike to school but can’t because of busy schedules. Neighbors helping neighbor’s kids bike to school = awesome!

5. Conductors are nice people. They are regular moms and dads and neighbors like Mary and Jen and Kristin. They like to have fun, ring their bells and smile a lot. And give tons of high fives, too, of course.

6. Conductors put safety first. They always ride predictably. They always follow the rules of the road. They always wear a helmet.

7. Conductors like to ride bikes. A lot. And they like to inspire their community to ride bikes. A lot. They are for stronger, healthier, better-connected communities.

8. Conductors are positive Norte ambassadors. They are dedicated to building more bike-friendly communities by inspiring young people through bicycles.

9. Conductors support a greener northern Michigan. More bike trains = fewer carbon emissions + less traffic + fewer car lines at school.

10. Conductors are dependable, responsible and always on time. Because we can’t be late for school, of course.

We would love to have you…

Read our bike train conductor handbook HERE

Sign up HERE to help out with one of our existing bike trains.

Or sign up HERE to start your own bike train.

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