Trinity Lutheran S-Bahn


The Trinity Lutheran S-Bahn is a Norte! Bike Train connecting Old Town Neighborhood to Trinity Lutheran School for Bike To School Fridays.

The S-Bahn departs from its Station at 219 East 9th Street at 7:35. With a nod to the highly efficient German train, the S-Bahn enjoys a very zig-zaggy ride through beautiful Old Town and Central neighbors to Trinity Lutheran School.

About a 2km ride.


The S-Bahn will arrive back at its Station at 3:20.

A Norte! volunteer will lead The S-Bahn both to and from school. Parents are responsible for getting their child to The S-Bahn Station on time as well as picking them up there after school.

Our trains pride themselves on being punctual. We can’t be late for school therefore The S-Bahn will not wait for anyone.

Bike To School Fridays rules apply:

Helmets required.
Safe riding mandatory.
Smiles and High Fives encouraged.

Please email Tammy LaFaive, the S-Bahn’s chief Conductor, at if you’re planning on riding The S-Bahn.

Email questions regarding our community-wide bike train network to

Bike Happy. Bike Más. Bike TC.