Eastern Elementary: Traverse City’s 2015 Most Bike-tastic School


Congratulations to The Eastern Elementary Stars for winning the inaugural Most Bike-tastic Traverse City School Award. This is a big, big deal.

The award goes to the school with the highest Bike-tastic-ness # on Traverse City Bikes To School Day.

# of pedaling students and staff ÷
# of total students and staff at school
x 100 =
Your School’s Bike-tastic-ness number

Eastern scored an unbelievable 37 (125 pedaling students/staff ÷ 336 total students/staff x 100).

Together they pedaled 159 miles!!

Eastern boasted 4 Norte! powered Bike Trains: The Express, The Special, The Flyer and The High-lander which served Oak Park, Indian Woods, Orchard Heights and Highland Park neighborhoods.

Eastern’s Team consisted of:

9 Pre-Schoolers
22 Kindergarteners….wow!!
16 First Graders
24 Second Graders
15 Third Graders
10 Fourth Graders
19 Fifth Graders
1 Principal
6 Teachers
1 Secretary
2 Staff

Eastern remembered Zeke Goodwin with a moment of silence once everyone arrived at school. Zeke was a former student who loved riding his bike. They are hosting an after-school memorial ride for Zeke May 29th. #IRideForZeke

Their day also consisted of a ribbon cutting ceremony (Mr. Estes, TC Mayor, and Meg Thomas Ackerman, Michigan’ Director of Safe Routes To School even attended) for 2 new school bike racks. This project was initiated by Eastern’s 4th Graders. How awesome is that?

See Eastern’s photo album of Traverse City Bikes To School Day HERE.

We’re very proud of you, Stars. Keep riding and inspiring your community to do the same.

Bike Happy. Bike Mas. Bike TC.