Equipo Norte!: A Smart Commute Week All-Star Squad


Norte! is in for TART’s SmartCommute Challenge, June 1-5. It’s the best week of the year here in Traverse City (no offense, cherries!).

Equipo Norte! is an all-star squad open to all awesome people, big or small. If you support a more bike-friendly Traverse City and like to pedal to school/work, we’d love to have you on our team.

And just in case there was any confusion, we plan on dominating this thing!

Here’s How It Works:

1. Sign up HERE.

2. Talk at least one of your classmates/co-workers/neighbors/friends to join too.

3. Ride your bike to school/work ALL Smart Commute Week (June 1-5). Try your best to ride all 5 days. If it’s raining, wear your rain jacket. If your legs are sore, drink some water and stretch. If you’re feeling lazy, don’t be. Try to come to the breakfasts too if you can. We can eat bagels together.

4. Take photos of your bike-centric Smart Commuting awesomeness and post them using #SmartCommuteTC #BikeTVC

Our first TC RIDES of the season will happen during SCW too. Wednesday, June 3rd. Meet At F&M Park at 5:45. Riding at 6. You should come. Bring your bell and your happy face! We finish at The Little Fleet. We can get our food truck eats on together. It’ll be fun. Promise

Viva Norte!

Bike Happy. Bike Mas. Bike TC.