The Montessori Bay Express


The Montessori Bay Express is a Norte! powered Bike Train that connects Old Town Neighborhood to TCAPS Montessori for Bike To School Fridays.

The Bay Express departs from its Station at 117 E Tenth Street at 7:55. With a nod to the lovely passenger train in New Zealand, the Bay Express enjoys a short but sweet ride through Central neighborhood TCAPS Montessori.

About a 1.5 km ride.


The Bay Express will arrive back at its Station at 3:20.

A Norte! volunteer will lead The Bay Express both to and from school. Parents are responsible for getting their child to The Bay Express Station on time as well as picking them up there after school.

Our trains pride themselves on being punctual. We can’t be late for school therefore The Bay Express will not wait for anyone.

Bike To School Fridays rules apply:

Helmets required
Safe riding mandatory
Smiles and High Fives encouraged

Please email Elizabeth Dell, the Bay Express’s chief Conductor, if you’re planning on riding The Bay Express.

Learn more about our Traverse City-wide bike train network HERE or email questions to

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