Bike To School Fridays: The Week 6 Numbers


When the weather is less than awesome – think a wet, windy, 37F morning – we grab our rain coats, mitts, longies, and hats because Bike To School Friday‘ers are tough as nails here in Traverse City. While our numbers might have a bit smaller, we made it up with funny faces and MUCHO FUN! on our 2nd Principals On Bikes ride.

Special shout outs to:

  • The Eastern Elementary Flyer for winning the “Most Awesome Bike Train Of The Day” award. They blew in with a record crowd of 11 riders.
  • Two of our fave Titans, Joe and Seth, for getting up super early to bike from F&M park to West Middle in the cold, rain and wind. Way to go, boys! Proud of you.
  • Principals On Bikes! Eastern‘s Principal Biz and Traverse Heights‘ Principal Six-King for riding on the Flyer and Golden Arrow bike trains, respectively.
  • State Trooper Rich Hall for bringing his “Blue Goose” patrol car to Clancy park to keep the Flyer safe and awesome.
  • The 7 different ladies of the all-girl Glenn Loomis Trolley for a solid week. Not just Bike To School Friday train anymore, these Mercury Bike To School Everyday.
  • Our boy, Max, of East Middle for keeping our “Bike-To-Bus Stop” program going. Go, Max, Go!

Complete numbers:

Bike To School Fridays- Week 6

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