Bike To School Friday: A Costume Contest

Costume Party

Take the awesome way to class, help your school be bike-tastic and look great doing it.

Norte! will have many awards up for grabs in multiple costume categories for this spook-tacular Bike To School Friday before Halloween.

The categories:

  • Literature
  • Movie characters
  • Sports
  • Super heroes
  • Local food
  • Animals
  • Fairy tales
  • Monsters
  • Weather
  • Politics
  • Random Awesomeness

The prizes:

Winners from each category will win a slice of yummy GT Pie and either a limited edition Norte! winter hat, a stylish Norte! tech Tshirt or an awfully orange water bottle.

How to enter:

Simply post your photo using #BikeTVC to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by 6pm Friday, October 30th but remember you have to ride your bike to school to be eligible.

Winners will be notified by noon on Halloween day.

Please no riding with masks, or loose items like capes to get caught in wheels or bulky clothing that make it hard to handle a bike like R2-D2s.  🙂  No mopeds either.

Bike To School Fridays are Traverse City’s weekly, community-wide, multi-school celebration of kids on bikes actively transporting themselves to school.

Biking to school in Traverse City is FUN! Biking to school dressed up for your classroom’s Halloween party will be MUCHO FUN!

Email question to

Bike Happy. Bike Mas. Bike To School In TC.