Bike To School Fridays: The Week 7 Numbers

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A brisk, beautiful morning to Bike To School Friday and kids across Traverse City came through big time as we counted over 100 bikes in our neighborhood school racks. How awesome is that?!

With just 3 more Bike To School Fridays left this fall, we’re on track to break 1000 bikes total before Thanksgiving. Let’s keep ‘er rolling and don’t forget our Bike To School Friday Costume Contest this Friday. Info on that HERE.

Special shout outs to:

  • Joseph, a first grader at Eastern Elementary, who rode to school sans training wheels for the first time. Attaboy, Joseph!
  • Our two fave Titans, Joe and Seth, did it again. F&M park to West Middle by way of the Buffalo Ridge trail. Who’s joining them next week?
  • Mrs. Mantei, our super Norte! volunteer, for doubling up again . She rocked the caboose with both the Central Grade Zephyr and Eastern Star Express trains. You’re the best, Mary.
  • Mr. Clark, Norte! board member and Glenn Loomis Trolley conductor, for hosting a pizza party after school for our final El Barrio Bike Fix – our learn-to-wrench program – of the fall.
  • Mrs. Stahl, super mom and Eastern High-lander conductor, for continuing to impress in her ability to get her neighborhood to ride her train.
  • Mr. Kennard, super dad and  Willow Hill Comet conductor, for not only leading his bike train to school in the morning but then transforming into Batman to lead out Willow Hill’s Trick Or Trot run.
  • Our boy, Max, of East Middle for once again keeping our “Bike-To-Bus Stop” program going. Keep ‘er rolling, Max!

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