A Norte! Story: Hannah Bikes Happy On TC Rides


Meet Hannah. Hannah is a 3rd grader at Central Grade School here in Traverse City. She and her family, joined us on many TC Rides, our slow, chit-chatty community cruise, this summer. She even wrote a story about it:

Norte! Ride
by Hannah Pulliam

The Norte! ride is you drive down to the Peace Train. Park your bike in the back or you ride your bike down there. You get on your bike. There is a whole group of people. You follow them down through the neighborhoods and down by the hospital and end of at Little Fleet food trucks. And you get something to eat and drink.

It is fun and keeps your healthy. Then people ride back to the Peace Train park or their house. If you like having fun and staying healthy then you should do the Norte! ride. It starts at 6 o’clock. Hope you can make it there!

Hannah’s story that she turned into her teacher, Mrs. Bageris:

photo (16)

Norte! has played a part in mucho Bike Happy moments in Traverse City. From pedaling to school to exploring our woods and trails, Norte! has empowered our local youth, like Hannah, to be resilient, independent, and self confident both on and off their bikes.

If you like Hannah’s story and want to support more of the same, please consider donating to our end-of-year Bike Happy, Traverse City  campaign. With your continued support, we’re committed to building a more bike-friendly Traverse City by inspiring its youth through bicycles.

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Gracias. And let’s ride bikes together soon.