Bike To School Fridays: The Cold, Wet and Windy Week 10 Numbers


Despite some nasty weather, Bike To School Friday (B2SFri) rolled on with some gritty and inspiring performances. Some intelligent clothing choices, too. Love these tough/smart Traverse City kids.

Special shout outs to:

  • Beatrice and Charlie of the Eastern Star Line Express for rocking their train with style despite wind, rain and cold. This 3rd and 1st grade, sister/brother duo pedaled 1.3 miles each way, folks. An easy choice for “The Most Awesome Bike Train Of The Week” award. Way to go, Star Line.
  • Ted of Central Grade Limited fame for continuing to keep his school awesome. He’s biked to school all but 3 days this year (not just on B2SFri!). One of those was for TC Walks To School Day which we’re pretty sure still counts. Attaboy, Ted! Norte! is proud of you. #BikeToSchoolEveryday

Complete numbers:

Bike To School Fridays- Week 9 (2)