Traverse City’s Most Bike-tastic School is…

greenspire (1)


On a less than awesome weather day with rain rain rain, the students, staff and teachers at Greenspire pedaled to school for Bike To School Day in a big way. The Greenspire School is the 2016 Most Bike-tastic Traverse City School. This is a big, big deal.

The award goes to the school with the highest Bike-tastic-ness # on Traverse City Bikes To School Day.

# of pedaling students and staff ÷ 
# of total students and staff at school 
x 100 = 
Your School’s Bike-tastic-ness number

Greenspire scored an unbelievable 37.3 and together they pedaled 88.1 miles.

Congratulations, Greenspire!

Honorable mentions to:

– Eastern with 74 bikers
– TCAPS Montessori with a MASSIVE bike field trip from Glenn Loomis to the Bijou
– Central Grade with 27 bikers
– Traverse Heights with 13 bikers

Special high fives to:

– Mr. Iceman Steve Brown, Michigan Fitness Foundation/MI Safe Routes To School Director, Mrs. Meg Thomas Ackerman, and probably TCAPS’ most bike-tastic Principal, Mrs. Ruskowski, for riding with the Eastern Star Express train.
– Mr. Josh Kennard for riding with both the Willow Hill Comet and the Eastern Star Express trains (these schools are on opposite sides of town, folks!)
– Mr. and Mrs. Mantei for filling in on short notice with the Eastern Special train.
– Mr. Bill Clark for organizing TCAPS Montessori’s super awesome bike field trip (check out the amazing video bellow)