Walk/Bike to school. Win a field trip to the Bijou.


We’re super excited to announce that we’ll be partnering with our very, very walkable/bikeable community theater, the amazing Bijou by the Bay, to help encourage kids across Traverse City to actively getting themselves to school.

Every Fridays Fantastico, our weekly, Safe Routes To School funded, Traverse City-wide celebration of kids walking, biking to school, participating schools will survey their students on how they arrived at school that day.  If the school as a whole (Pre K-5 or 6 + teachers, staff and principals) scores a 20% walk/bike rate or more (remember! walking at least 5 minutes to the bus stop counts so does driving, parking and walking the last 5 minutes to school), they will get 1 “ball” into the lottery bin. Repeat this each week through the fall – we will have separate contests during the winter and spring – and then after Thanksgiving, we’ll draw one “ball” from the lottery bin.
The lucky school will then choose 2-3 classrooms to attend a super special field trip at the Bijou. Norte! will pay for busing for schools that are too far away to provide a “bus to walk to movie” experience and the Bijou will show a free screening of any movie on DVD.
Awesome, right!?!
We’re hoping this will be good motivation for kids to walk/bike to school – the better the school does as a whole the more “balls” in the bin the better the chance of “winning” – as well as motivation for schools to help us with surveying travel mode as we get ready for a potential TC-wide Safe Routes To School infrastructure grant application.
Shareable links with bike train, remote drop sites/other safe route options info and maps so invite your friends, kids:
Bike mas. Walk mas.