Barlow Street Needs All of Our Voices


Should we just care about some people? Which people should we choose not to care about? Are some designated as disposable? What horrible questions to ask. This is in effect what we are doing when we are complacent and allow streets like Barlow to exist in our town. A street that is not designed to protect ALL people. A street that is dangerous by design.

Many people use Barlow, people live in adjacent neighborhoods, work along this corridor or access services. As you travel this section between Carver and South Airport you will usually encounter people on foot, bike or waiting at a BATA stop. People just trying to get to where they need to go. They are young and old. And they deserve better, they deserve best practices. We all do. Not a skinny muddy, or slushy cow path or gravel shoulder next to fast moving traffic. The message being sent here is we don’t care about you, use at your own risk.

Two unnecessary and tragic collisions recently occurred along Barlow Street. David Knoll died on this section, and another woman was injured, in two separate incidences. It’s not acceptable. It needs to be fixed. We need to demand it. What does a street look like that is safe for all? Picture your child safely walking home along this street. That is the street that should be built.

Woodmere Avenue was such a street, in the not too distant past, redesigned, given new life with sidewalks, bike lanes, a boulevard. A collaborative effort between multiple units of government. A complete street. A place to be proud of.

Our community did it before, let’s do it again. Make your voice heard. Let our leaders know that deaths and injuries on our streets are unacceptable and preventable. Demand streets that give everyone safe access no matter their mode of travel.

A shoulder and a line of white paint on a wider street that encourages faster vehicle speeds is not going to cut it . We need best practice traffic calming measures. We need proper sidewalks. We need protected bike lanes. We need well lit crosswalks. We need to do what is right. And we need to do it now. Let’s find the will to make it happen before more tragedies occur.

If you agree, please make your voice heard to those with the power to make the right decisions by emailing the County Road Commission, Township Planning and Supervisor, and City planning, manager and Commission: