Kids. Bikes. Traverse City. And the International Winter Cycling Conference.


photo credit: Beth Price Photography

We are STOKED to have been invited to present at the International Winter Cycling Conference in Montreal this week. Kind of a big deal!

Here’s our presentation abstract:

How can elementary school students stay Happy, healthy and ready-to-learn through the winter in snowy Traverse City, Michigan? With support from City officials who are dedicated to keeping streets and trails cleared, school district leadership and principals who pedal to class with their students, a generous community that donates bikes to a kids winter bike “library” and a grassroots bike plow champion who is passionate about making the commute to school safe for kids, Norte!, a youth-focused, bike-centric nonprofit advocacy organization, is shifting habits and behaviors about year round active transportation in this small Northern Michigan town. Encouraging more kids to bike to school has inspired people of all ages to keep moving even though the winter which boasts an average annual snowfall of 259 cm. Traverse City has earned back to back Top 20 finishes in International Winter Bike To Work Day. Not too bad for a town of just 15,000.

Like to do ordinary things – go to work, school, to the store or library – on your bicycle in Traverse City during the winter? Share a photo for our presentation.


And don’t forget to commit for Winter Bike To Work + School Day!