Seventh St: How to ride Traverse City’s new bike lane “like a boss”


Traverse City took another BIG step in recent weeks toward being a more bicycle-friendly town with the addition of a counter-flow bike lane on Seventh St. between Division and Maple streets.

If you’re not familiar with counter-flow bike lanes, here’s a quick “how-to” to help you navigate our City’s newest bike lane.

For people on bikes headed EAST on Seventh St. (from Munson/Commons campus toward central neighborhood):

  1. As you approach Division St., the eastbound travel lane bifurcates into a left turn lane and a right turn/”proceed east for bikes” lane. If you are a bicyclist headed east on Seventh across Division, the rightmost lane is YOUR lane. Claim your lane and wait for traffic signal.
  2. On a green light, proceed straight across Division St. into the counter-flow bike lane which is located next to the curb. For this one block, you will be riding against the flow of traffic.
  3. As you approach the intersection of Seventh and Maple St., stop for the STOP sign recently installed for cyclists, signal your turn and once clear turn either north or south onto Maple to continue your trip.

For people on bikes headed WEST on Seventh St. (from central neighborhood toward Munson/Commons):

  1. You no longer have to merge to the left lane as you approach Division. The rightmost lane is YOUR lane. Claim your lane and wait for traffic signal.
  2. On a green light, proceed straight across Division St. staying right to continue your trip. Easy-peasy.

There you have it. A much safer, more welcoming and more comfortable bicycling experience brought to you by counter-flow bike lanes. Now go use it. Like a boss.

A huge thank you to the Traverse City Commissioners, specifically Commissioner Werner, for identifying a massive gap in our in-town cycling network. And thank you to City staff for quickly taking up the charge to design and implement a solution.

We at Norte! look forward to more projects like this that encourage active transportation for people of all ages and abilities in the TC area!

Thank you for your efforts to help make the Grand Traverse Region a more walkable, bikeable and rollable place for all people. Please join our advocacy grupo and help be part of the solution.