Happy, Healthy, Ready To Learn Preschoolers on Balance Bikes


If you’ve been in the school gymnasiums to see the Estrellas in action, then you already know what it means.  After fitting their helmets, pointing them to the orange cones, and cheering them on as they knock out lap after lap; you know what it is.  Hearing the 3 ½ year old declare, “I’m tired!”, then smile and kick off for another lap around the gym with his friends; that’s what it is.

If your face hurts from smiling so much, and your hands hurt from so many exuberant, little kid high-fives for an entire 30 minute Estrellas school program, then you know what it is.

If you’ve seen the Estrellas in La Plaza del Norte next to the Clubhouse during the summer, then you know what it means when the shy kids step away from her parents on the picnic tables, picks up a loaner balance bike to join the smiling kids cruising around the grassy shade of the pine trees.

You know what it is when you see these same kids come back the next week with big sister’s old bike and immediately take off around the course; sometimes steering their bikes towards the civic center track, ready to explore with their own two feet and two wheels.  When you see it, it’s awesome!

The Estrellas is happy, healthy, ready to learn kids getting after it all by themselves; it’s getting tired and then getting back after it; making friends and making their own adventure.  The Estrellas are our shining little stars.

A great big huge THANK YOU to McClain’s Cycles for so many balance bikes, the Michigan Fitness FoundationLeague of Michigan Bicyclists, Lucky’s Market and the Rotary Club of Traverse Bay Sunrise for financial support that makes awesome program free of charge for Traverse City area schools.

We’re dreaming big to bring the Estrellas to 15 area schools but need help. We are looking for helmet fitters, highfive givers, technique teachers and cheerleaders to assist our instructors.  Sign up HERE!

Learn more about the Estrellas HERE.

As Norte’s Program Director, Ben Boyce gets to do what he likes most: ride bikes and work with kids. A super dad, devoted husband, reggae lover and good with the wrenches, Ben is a Maybee, Michigan native now thriving in Traverse City.