Pro Walk/Pro Bike Traverse City: 2017 in review

2017 was an amazing year for a stronger, better connected more walk/bike (and transit – Go, BATA!) friendly Traverse City. Not only did we win the Strongest Town award but TC made big gains in walk/bike infrastructure (and transit improvements – Thanks, BATA!).

Here’s 27 awesome things from 2017:

  1. Contraflow bike lane on 7th Street
  2. City Commission agrees to seek bonds for $4.5M sidewalk program
  3. Traverse City wide, multi-school Safe Routes To School grant application on track for March 2018 application which includes improvements around Eastern, Traverse Heights, Glenn Loomis, Central Grade, Willow Hill, Immaculate Conception, and West Middle
  4. Crosswalks and lane narrowing in several locations in Traverse Heights and South Union Street
  5. Sidewalks on Cass Street south of 14th
  6. Sidewalks on S. Union Street
  7. Bike lane on West Front from Division to Randolph
  8. Front Street bike lane widened and recognized as a bike lane
  9. BATA millage passes in both GT and Leelanau counties
  10. 10th Street sidewalks from Union to Oak
  11. Centre Street sidewalks from Woodmere to Fern
  12. Bike lanes widened and made more permanent using paint that is recessed across TC including on Cass, Garfield, Hastings, Woodmere, Front Street
  13. New sidewalks along 31 from East Bay plaza to 3 Mile
  14. BATA integrates Google maps
  15. Safe Routes To School grant application for extending the 3 Mile trail makes progress with four walk audits (at East Middle, SEAS, Cherry Knoll, and GTA), a community-wide action planning meeting and East Bay trustees committing $40K for design study
  16. Boardman Lake Trail on track to begin construction in the fall of 2018
  17. Barlow sidewalk makes progress (planning to negotiate easements in partnership with Garfield township in 2018) from Gladewood to Boon as part of Safe Routes To School grant process
  18. More in-street pedestrian sign across town including on the Parkway and at Garfield/Washington
  19. BATA introduces fare improvements (commuter passes, additional reduced fare options, kids under 5 ride free)
  20. New crosswalk at Fair and Munson
  21. New crosswalk at 8th and Munson
  22. Four new BATA shelters
  23. New crosswalks installed/upgraded to special emphasis:
  • Rose Street at:
    • Lincoln St
    • TART crossing
    • Hannah Ave
    • Wood St
    • Centre
    • Oakdale
    • Carver
  • Front at Wellington 
  • Tenth at Lake
  • Boardman and Washington
  • Boardman at Webster (upgraded to special emphasis)
  • W Front St (installed with W Front project) at:
    • Spruce St 
    • Cedar St
  • Boon at Garfield (upgraded to special emphasis)
  • Barlow at Hannah (upgraded to special emphasis)
  • Barlow at Centre (upgradeed to special emphasis)
  • Elmwood and Seventh 
24. Two new raised crosswalks in our downtown:
  • Park St, between Front and State
  • Front St, between Park and Boardman
25. Additional sidewalks replaced:
  • 10th St between Division and Union St
  • West side of Division between 2nd St and 3rd St

26. Additional new/infill sidewalk installed:

  • West side of Wellington, south of 8th St, to accommodate Safe Harbor
27. Improvements made to Lay Park:
  • Sidewalk
  • Landscaping
  • Benches
  • Bryan Crough Memorial Sculpture

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