Bike Obstacle Build Day at the Clubhouse


Do you like building stuff?

On Monday, April 23, Norte is going to build as many wooden bike stunts and obstacles as we can without stapling our fingers together. We’ll get a jump on it around 1:00 pm, then build into the evening, maybe 6 or 7:00 pm.

We’re thinking: skinnies, bridges, reasonable jumps for the big kids, rollers for the little kids, little rollers for our Estrellas. Obstacles that would make our mountain bike team practices in the Civic Center more fun.

There WILL be pizza, of course!

Here is a brainstormed, dream list of tools and materials desired for the job:

  • cordless drills / impact drivers – could always use more of these
  • circular saw
  • cut-off / chop saws
  • extension cords and multiple outlet connectors – we’ll be doing most of the work outdoors
  • pneumatic nailers
  • air compressor and air line for nailers
  • saw horses
  • ratchet style caulk gun (for construction adhesive)
  • T squares
  • hammers
  • work gloves
  • Tubes of construction adhesive
  • 3” or 3 1/2″ deck screws – We have a 5 pound box of these, but we may need more if you have some spares
  • 2″ deck screws – We have a 5 pound box of these, but we may need more if you have some spares
  • 3” nails (for hammer or pneumatic nailer) – I bought 5 pounds of 10d nails (2 7/8″)
  • 2” nails for pneumatic nailer for nailing pallet decking material to 2xs
  • construction adhesive for wood
  • strap hinges for making pallet A frames (2 per A frame, 6” or longer)