Sell bike stuff. Buy bike stuff. Support the Traverse City Kids’ Bike Library.

The Traverse City Previously Loved Bicycle Neighborhood Yard Sale is this Sunday!

It’s a great way to support Norte’s vision of a stronger, better connected, and more bike-friendly Traverse City, all while clearing out some of your bikes and/or bike stuff that is no longer being used. It’s also a chance to find a good deal on new-to-you pair of wheels, or bike rack, or bike trailer, or front shifter, or bike saddle, or…


This Sunday, May 6, 1 – 5pm!


  • A Norte-hosted, neighborhood yard sale for bikes and bike related stuff.
  • Sellers can reserve a table from which to sell their items.
  • Sellers handle the money from their sales.
  • Buyers assume any risk of purchasing used equipment. Bikes are sold as is.
  • Everyone enjoys an afternoon in May talking about bikes and bike projects.

What’s for sale:

  • Bikes, wheels, tires, tubes, small parts, clothing, shoes.

What’s NOT for sale:

  • Used HELMETS
  • Your old TV set


Who’s this for:

  • The yard sale is open to the public.
  • Anyone who wants to support Norte’s efforts to get more people out and about on bikes by clearing out their old bikes from the corners of the garage can register here to claim a table for $10.
  • Proceeds will go to purchase supplies for the Norte Kids’ Bike Library.
  • Anyone who is looking for a previously loved bicycle, or bicycle related item, is welcome to stop by the yard sale to find what they need to be more active.


  • $10 to claim a table and space for bikes to sell. Norte will take care of advertising and organizing the event to attract as many buyers and sellers to make our first Previously Loved Bicycle Neighborhood
  • We take 0% of sales

Stop by and help make the Yard Sale a success for everyone. Free browsing!

Don’t want to bother cleaning, tagging, selling your stuff? As always, Norte will gladly accept your gently used bicycles goods to either use in the Clubhouse, give to a kid in need or sell to support our many programs.

Sellers, claim a table below (credit card) or stop by the Norte Clubhouse.

*Space is limited, so please let us know if we need to set up a table for you.

Previously Loved Bicycle Neighborhood Yard Sale Seller’s Form

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