10 Ways Norte is Getting Kids on Bikes in Traverse City. All. Summer. Long

Off the couch. Off the screen. Let’s get outside and ride bikes with friends in this amazing place we call home.

Norte has mucho bike-y happenings for happy, healthy, young people all summer long.

Here’s 10 happenings:
  1. Mini Speed of Light starts this Thursday, and we need 3 adults to help every Thursday night ALL summer long. It’s fun. It’s easy. Learn more and sign up here.
  2. Take a Girl Mountain Biking Day is this SATURDAY, June 16th at 10am at Timber Ridge. Bring a friend or 3.
  3. Vasa Domingos is switching to a 10am start time for the summer this Sunday (bring your Dad for Father’s Day – he’s going to love it!).
  4. The Traverse City Summer Bike Camp is filling up FAST! Week long. Half days. June-August.
  5. TC Rides, an all ages community slow roll every Wednesday night. Meet at F&M Park at 5:45. Rolling at 6.
  6. Amigos, our new weekly meet-up for kids with special needs, happens every Thursday night 6-7pm at the C
  7. Preschoolers on balance bikes! Twice weekly Estrellas meet-ups at the Clubhouse start next week. 6pm Monday nights and 10a Friday mornings.
  8. El Barrio Bike Fix, our community bike fix thing, also starts next week. It happens Tuesday nights 4-7pm.
  9. The new Wheelhouse is happening. Look for details soon on a work bee to spruce it up. Learn more about our Keep It Rolling campaign.
  10. Open Shop Hours at the Clubhouse are now 12-7pm weekdays (and sometimes 10-2pm on Saturday) thanks to our generous volunteers.



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