Northern Michigan Walks To School Day Nears

With generous support from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, TBA Credit UnionTraverse City Track Club, Oryana Community Co-op, Norte is excited to once again host Northern Michigan Walks To School Day, a community-wide, multi-school celebration of National Walk To School Day next Wednesday, October 10th.

700+ students from across Northern Michigan walked to school last year. Can we do better than that in 2018?

We will also be crowning The Most Walk-tastic Northern Michigan School! That’s a big, big deal. Glenn Loomis in Traverse City “won” last year. Help your school that the 2018 title by committing here:


Everyone is welcome – Pre K to 8th grade as well as teachers, staff, and principals too.

If you live too far from home, drive to one of our “Park & Stroll” locations.

A 5-10 minute walk to your bus stop totally counts too.

Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE bikes but sometimes we enjoy a nice walk to school too:

  • Walking to school is known to improve academic performance
  • Walking to school gives children good life experience
  • Walking to school gets children outdoors
  • Walking to school provides daily exercise for children

So set those alarms a little earlier on October 10th, eat a solid breakfast, invite a friend or 6, strap your backpack on and join us.

Participating Schools:

Don’t see your school? Sign it up HERE.

Live too far from school to walk or maybe your school isn’t yet safe to walk to? No worries. You can still play. Our Park & Stroll locations offer designated places to park and then walk 5-10 minutes to school with your child. Email us at for more info.

For those kids too young to walk on their own, Norte will be transforming our community-wide network of bike trains into “walking school buses” for the day to connect our neighborhoods to our neighborhood elementary schools:

2018 Walking School Bus Schedule!

Central Grade‘s “buses”:
  • Thirlby Stadium: 13th and Pine: Meet at 7:35, walking at 7:40. Bus driver – TBD
  •  Oryana: 10th/Lake: Meet at 7:35, walking at 7:40. Bus driver – Laura Otwell
  • Open Space: Parkway and Union: Meet at 7:35, walking at 7:40. Bus driver – Carrie Smith

Cherryland Middle School:

  • Walk the track at school: 7:30-7:48. Bus driver – Ann DeVogel

Eastern Elementary:

  • Norte Wheelhouse: Meet at 8:25, walk at 8:30. Bus driver – Emily Buchholz
  • Clancy Park: Meet at 8:30. Walking at 8:35. Bus driver – Rebecca Sketch
Glenn Loomis’ “buses”:
  • 10th/Lake: Oryana: Meet at 7:35, walking at 7:4o. Bus driver – Kaitlyn Burns
  • Division/14th: Tom’s: Meet at 7:40, walking at 7:55. Bus driver – Sarah Bourquin
Holy Angels “bus”:
  • 10th/Lake: Oryana: Meet at 7:35, walking at 7:40. Bus driver – Christi Nowak
Northport Public School “bus”:
  • Marina: Meet at 7:35, walking at 7:40. Bus driver – Corrine Wetherbee

Lakeland Elementary:

  • River Walk Grill: Meet at 8:20, walking at 8:25. Bus driver – Becky Travis
  • Elk Rapids Apartments: Meet at 7:50, walking at 7:55. Bus driver – Stephen McDdonald.
  • Corner of 2nd and Pine: Meet at 8:00, walking at 8:05. Bus driver – David West
  • Village Market Back Parking Lot: Meet at 8:30, walking at 8:35. Bus driver – Becky Travis
Traverse Heights’ “bus”:
  • Jupiter Park: Boyd at Rose Street: Meet at 8:05, walking at 8:10. Bus driver –  Stephanie and Josh Wilson.
Trinity Lutheran “bus”:
  • 10th/Lake: Oryana: Meet at 7:35, walking at 7:4o. Bus driver – TBD
West Middle School:
  • Grand Traverse Commons barns: TBD
  • Meijer: TBD

Westwoods “bus”:

  • 1122 Fisher Road. Meet at 8:15, walking at 8:20. Bus driver – Juli Tiesworth
Willow Hill’s “bus”:
  •  Darrow Park: Meet at 8:15, walking at 8:20. Bus Driver – Principal Sides-Mackay

Don’t forget to commit!




Our friends at Oryana will be generously providing healthy snacks at their “bus stop” for TCAPS Montessori, Holy Angels, Trinity Lutheran and Central Grade students.

The Traverse City Police Department will also be walking to school with us. How awesome is that?

We are looking for extra volunteers to help keep the kids safe, count walkers at school and hand out highfives. Please sign up HERE.

Email questions to


Thank you, Sponsors!

Thank you, Community Partners!