Shedding Light on the Traverse City Light Parade

Interested in joining us for the 100 Families + The Traverse City Light Parade but not quite sure what to expect? Here’s everything you need to know.

Date of the event: Saturday, November 17
Time: Event starts at 7:00 pm but meet-up is at 6:45 pm
Where:  Staging is on the 200 block of South Franklin at 6:45 pm – look for our flags. We’re #23 which is near the end.
What to wear: Orange of course. Dress warmly and have your walking shoes/boots on. The more orange the better.
What to bring: Lights, lots of lights…flashlights, battery-powered Christmas lights, glow sticks, if it lights up, bring it and wear it or carry it.
Do I bring my bike? You can bring your bikes. However, per past experience, we have found that the parade can get a little slow at times and you end up walking with your bike. Bike or walk, doesn’t matter. Do what makes you happy!
Parade route: East Front to Franklin to Union (Just a few blocks!)
What are we doing in the parade? Well, we will be blasting the tunes and getting you pumped up to walk, skip, dance and dish up high-fives to everyone you see along the route. Line up will be as follows: 2 flag bearers up front, walkers behind them, next will be the orange trailer with music and then bikes will bring up the rear.  
Can I invite friends to be a part of our group? Yes! Just share this page with them and they can sign up below. Easy peasy.
We are so excited!!! Be sure to tell all your friends!