Why Travel Lane Width Matters for Traverse City’s Revisioned 8th Street


While flipping through Jeff Speck’s fantastic new book “Walkable City Rules“, and although the entire book is valuable, rules #48 and #49 are especially well timed for Traverse City’s new 8th Street design.


Here are two key passages:
  1. “Lane widths of 10 feet are appropriate in urban areas and have a positive impact on a street’s safety without impacting traffic operations…Narrow streets help promote slower driving speeds which, in turn reduce the severity of crashes.”
  2. “Ten feet should be default width for general purpose lanes at speeds of 45 mph or less.”


Narrow lanes can still move plenty of cars and there is no reason for anyone to be driving faster than 25 mph in our city.

Let’s design 8th Street for 25 mph so people drive 25 mph.

We’re dreaming of a truly great 8th Street that is welcoming for all people no matter how they’re getting around. While we are committed to making this happen, we are only one piece of the puzzle.

We need YOUR voice. We need YOU to advocate for safe, convenient and accessible opportunities on Eighth Street.

We need YOU to take action.

If you care about the health, happiness, and safety of all Traverse City residents, here are some ways you can help:

1) Write a letter to the editor to help educate your neighbors about why a healthy Eighth Street is so vitally important to the immediate and future health of our City.

2) Email City leadership and share WHY a walkable, bikeable, safe Eighth Street is important to you.

3) Sign our petition HERE