The 6th Annual Traverse City Winter Bike To Work + School Day is 2 Weeks Away

Celebrate riding bikes all year long and help Traverse City become the Winter Biking Champion Of The World as we compete against northern cities in Canada, Europe, and the US.

Our sixth annual Traverse City Winter Bike To Work Day and School Day is in 2 weeks on Friday, February 8th and it’s sure to be awesome. Promise.

How It Works:

Step 1: Commit here:

Step 2: Tell your buddies! WBTW+SD is best with friends. #BikeTVC

Step 3: Be awesome on February 8th and ride your bike to work or school. Don’t forget to stop by any one of these shops for a free cup of coffee:

Step 4: Celebrate! Join us for happy hour at The Filling Station Microbrewery from 5-8pm.

Now get out and practice! The best way to become a better winter biker is to ride your winter bike more, of course.

Just remember to dress warm, take it a bit slower, make those turns wide, and smile!

Like Sabrina, our uber-talented and always pedaling WBTW+SD graphic designer, told us, “ Two winters ago was the first one I bike-commuted through. The roads were plowed well most of the time, making it extremely easy to ride. There have been so many bike-friendly improvements to the streets and a drastic increase in community awareness here that I think it’s going to keep getting easier to bike to work year-round.”

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