Norte to Launch New Learn-to-Wrench Community Project

The Solution is a new community-wide bike mechanics education initiative dedicated to empowering people of all ages and abilities to learn the skills that help promote self-assurance, confidence, creativity and lifelong bike independence. We believe that understanding basic bicycle maintenance and repair is a lifelong skill that gives the young and young at heart the knowledge and confidence to ride more, venture further and embrace a happy, healthy lifestyle.

This learn-to-wrench community project is made up of four programs:

Solution Classes:

  • A series of structured educational classes for people of all ages and skill levels.
  • Learn more and sign up for a class HERE.

Solution at School:

  • A pilot program at West Middle School that teaches 6-8th graders basic bike repair skills in an engaging, hands-on manner. It will also do good in the community as West Middle students will be working on Norte’s Bike Library bicycles which will be loaned out to local kids in need.
  • Details of the Titans Solution HERE.

Solution Summertime Meet-ups:

  • El Barrio Bike Fix is a free, weekly summertime community meet-up in La Plaza, the lush green space next to the Clubhouse, where we get our hands dirty, turn wrenches and learn basic bike repair and maintenance skills from our professional bike mechanics and volunteers.
  • More info HERE.

Solution in the Community:


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