Mid-summer shout out to citizen advocates

Greetings everyone!

I hope your July is full of enjoyable walks to local cafes and easy rolls past long lines of people stuck in traffic. Ah, summer. Nothing quite like it. And, for your summer advocacy fun, we have many opportunities to engage and represent.

I encourage you to take some time to read Kaischa Smith’s story in our latest blog post. Recovery Through Advocacy, One Step at a Time is an interview about her near fatal crash last July 22 at Elmwood Ave and Hall St. News about crashes is too often distant, lacking in broader perspective, and the human element. Kaischa’s words are a personal and powerful reminder of the importance of the Pro Walk/Pro Bike movement. We’re all in with her goal for safer crosswalks for everyone, everywhere – we certainly need them!

Sunday/Monday, July 21/22, time TBA. 
Please help share her story, and consider joining her on the one-year anniversary of the crash with a flower planting outing (details at the end of her interview).

The improved crosswalks at Elmwood Ave and Hall St have been in place almost a month. They’ve been surprisingly well received! Now that locals are used to them, it’s time to collect some data. If you’re interested in some participatory observation, MDOT has provided us with a checklist that will help identify issues and improve signal timing. Let me know if you can help with group or solo observation.

Thursday, July 18 4 pm
Bryant Park (walk to Hannah Ave)
Due to sidewalk construction, the Garfield Ave Walking Audit is happening on Thursday, July 18. Meet at 4 pm at Bryant Park and we’ll walk to Hannah Ave and back. MDOT and the City of Traverse City officials will be on hand to participate and introduce future projects. If the June date didn’t work for you, here’s your opportunity to join!

RSVP to (What’s a walking audit?)

Recently, the City of Traverse City addressed long-standing concerns at two intersections: Boon & Barlow, and Madison & W Front. Both now have stop signs that control right of way. In theory, the stop signs will improve access for people on foot and bike, as well as people in cars. They should also reduce severe crashes, a particular concern on Barlow. If you frequent these intersections, please send me your observations. I’m curious not only in compliance, but behaviors (and speeds) after someone leaves the intersection.

How are these new stop signs working for ya?   

Finally, we’d love to have more people reading the advocacy emails.  You can send a friend to sign up at our Pro Walk/Pro Bike Advocacy Page.

Thank you!


Gary Howe
Advocacy Director

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