Traverse City to the Mackinac Bridge: 25 Awesome People Going Big for More Kids on Bikes

Last summer, Patrick Cotant rode 100 miles/day for 2 days to raise awareness and funds for Norte.

He called it Patrick’s Heavy Ride and it was a huge success. He introduced Norte to many new people and raised $3,070 for our youth programs.

This summer, he’d like some friends to join him and 25 awesome people accepted that invitation.

The inaugural Patrick’s Heavy Ride with Friends, a one-day ride from Traverse City to the mighty Mac, is July 27th and it’s going to be great.

Got $25 for more kids on bikes in the Grand Traverse region? Pledge your favorite rider below and help them help Norte empower kids to be active for life.


100% funded
Hey! Together we've raised $13,135.25 of the $12,500.00 we are trying to raise for #morekidson bikes in the Grand Traverse region. Pledge your favorite rider about and hep us reach our goal. Thank you!

Learn more about Patrick’s Heavy Ride With Friends and get in on the fun HERE.