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Advocacy Newsletter, October 1, 2019
Greetings Neighbors,

Many of us have attended community meetings where consultants wow us with transformative illustrations of what a street could become. Perhaps the crowd grumbles, saying, “That won’t work here.” Nevertheless, we walk out of the meeting dreaming about our own streets. We persist for decades working on a project. And then, finally, transformation happens. A street is narrowed by 27%, a protected bike lane is installed, and people wanting to cross the street have multiple safe options.

Congratulations everyone! Traverse City’s new 8th Street has turned illustrations into reality. It isn’t perfect, but it is transformative. And it’s a marker of what’s possible when the common goal is access for everyone. That work continues on multiple fronts:


On August 29, Team Orange came together for beverages, solidarity, and giving voice to ideas for Traverse City’s bike and walk network. Most of us have done these brainstorming exercises before. Sometimes the process feel repetitive. Sometimes we wonder, “Is this even useful?”

With the new 8th Street in mind, I argue, wholeheartedly, “Yes!”… {read more}


At Norte, my job is to advocate for healthy, strong, happy communities, doing what I can for safe and reliable access for people of all ages and abilities. I work with individuals, businesses, schools, and municipal bodies to find constructive, implementable solutions to the complex opportunities of public policy, design, and infrastructure.

When it comes to technical solutions to public transportation problems, the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) is an indispensable resource. Their urban guides, education program, and news feed are rooted in the values and ethics our communities need and deserve from transportation planners and engineers.

Last month, I attended NACTO’s Designing Cities 2019 in Toronto. I’ll be processing the week of workshops, tours, and keynotes for a long time. A week of sharing space with 1000 professionals dedicated to building “cities as places for people, with safe, sustainable, accessible, and equitable transportation choices that support a strong economy and vibrant quality of life” is a cure for anyone who occasionally thinks, “That won’t work here.”

Toronto was chosen to host this year’s NACTO because of its recent success in implementing an improvement plan for accessible transit, walking, and biking. I was tweeting up a storm, along with many others, and I’ve included some highlights in my report.

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  • Skip the Carline – Tomorrow is Northern Michigan Walks to School Day. Even if you don’t live within walking distance, as Ty reminds us, you can always Park & Stroll! Do you have a Park & Stroll route recommendation for a school near you? Let us know.
  • Cheers – Thank you to Norte’s First Year Business Champions. We appreciate your support deeply! It was great to see all of you who made it to Silver Spruce for the first Compañero.
  • Election Watch – Traverse City’s City Commission is set for a big change, with 5 of 7 seats on the ballot. On October 7, 8, and 9, Norte will publish responses to our candidate questionnaire. In the meantime, here’s my primer on local government.
  • 8th Street Walking Audit – If you’re interested in helping plan it, let me know. This is a great opportunity to grade a street that we can assume will get some high scores (
  • Park It Here – Norte Bike Racks are ready. These racks support our Excellent Bike Parking program and aim to encourage better access across northern Michigan.

Talk Soon.

Gary Howe
Advocacy Director

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