On The Move to Safe Routes in East Bay

Now that the school year has started, we wanted to check-in and see how you’re rolling in East Bay. How goes it East Bay?

There are great things happening in East Bay.


  • 3-Mile Trail Extension – We’re still in the early days for this trail effort, but a path forward is in the works. The promising news is that the list of organizations supporting the effort is long and growing. We’re happy to be working with East Bay Township, TART Trails, the schools, County Road Commission, Grand Traverse Conservancy, Michigan Department of Transportation, Safe Routes to Schools, and you on connecting this route.
  • Safe Routes to School –A full infrastructure Safe Routes to School grant is a few years off, but next year we are applying for Safe Route Mini-grants in 2020. These grants assist schools and communities in non-infrastructure programming that gets kids moving. If you’re interested in seeing what types of programs might be included, please visit Safe Routes to School to learn about the possibilities.

You can help the cause today by filling out the annual Safe Routes to School Survey. It only takes 4-8 minutes.


  • Snow Clearing – Winter has arrived! It is an opportune time to give thanks to all the regional partners keeping our sidewalks and trails clear of snow and ice. In East Bay, the County, East Bay, Acme, and Garfield Townships, the City of TC, TART, and others have implemented a plan to clear the east-west multi-use trail all winter.

If you have a moment, send your gratitude to County Facilities Manager, Joe Berry at You can also email Joe if you have any concerns or questions about the snow clearing program.

  • Hammond Road – The Grand Traverse Road Commission is in the preliminary stages of planning for construction along Hammond. They are considering roundabouts at 4-mile and possibly 3-Mile along the corridor. Modern, well-designed roundabouts could certainly help connect schools, businesses, and services safely and for all users.

If interested in being involved in this discussion, contact road commission manager, Brad Kluczynski at

  • Munson Avenue – Now I’m really dreaming! But bold dreams are how the seemingly impossible is achieved.  Wouldn’t it be nice to safely access both sides of Munson Ave. on foot and bike? Wouldn’t it be nice to drive Munson Ave. and not be white-knuckling it for fear of someone simply trying to cross the stroad? There’s nothing to report in this regard other than to ask, who wants to help?

Like you, we’re dreaming big for East Bay and to get there this coalition needs to persist, grow, and celebrate along the way. If you can recruit one neighbor or co-worker to join, we’d all appreciate it.

Send recruits to East Bay Strong!

Or, if your already here and want to be kept up to speed on great things East Bay, sign up here:

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