Advocacy Newsletter: Are you ready to be a Superhero?

Advocacy Newsletter, April 23, 2020

You don’t need to be a superhero to ride a bike, but riding a bike can certainly make one a superhero. The superhuman photography of Danny Neumann made me smile this week. Down Time 1 (above) and more of his work can be viewed on Instagram @CantinaDanny. Thank you, Danny.


Hello Norte Supporter,

It’s fair to say we’ve all noticed a considerable drop in automobile traffic during this past month. As a result, NASA is reporting massive declines in air pollution, and the reduced miles driven has led auto insurance companies to offer refunds. In some places, though––mainly on the expressways––fewer cars have led to increased speeds and fatal crashes as open roads tempt the heavy-footed.

We are also witnessing the inherent resiliency of the humble bicycle. Ridership is growing as the bike is proving once again to be an efficient, convenient, and safe way to navigate our communities. While public transportation is limited and many people are unshackled from their daily commute, riding a bike for essential outdoor time or a quick spin to the grocer has become the perfect solution––in the past month and a half alone, ridership in Philadelphia increased by 150%. Norte has already helped a few essential workers obtain bicycles through Bicycle Grand Traverse (if you need one, we’ll help connect you to one).

Bicycles often assume the role of trusted transportation during catastrophes. We see it in the aftermath of hurricanes, earthquakes, during power outages, and in the not-so-critically-acclaimed TV series “Colony”, where a utility bike with a basket becomes an advantageous way to avoid alien turncoats. Arguably the most efficient form of transportation, bikes are the perfect tool for both a zombie apocalypse or a global pandemic.

As we cautiously move away from stay home orders and begin to come out of our homes, it’s reasonable to predict that many of us will be biking more very soon. We will be looking for ways to get fresh air, maintain physical distancing, and, perhaps, lose some of those extra pounds we’ve gained this past month. And our bikes will help. They will be critical for economic recovery and social reemergence while being even more vital for our mental and physical health.

Keep this in mind when it comes time to speak up as municipalities and transportation departments are considering budgets, new infrastructure, or slow street proposals. We need a deeper understanding and appreciation for how bikes are an essential piece of community resilience and deserve priority attention. Bikes are a tool for superheroes. Let’s roll with it.

400 native trees arrive at the Norte Clubhouse next weekend from the Conservation Resource Alliance’s Wild Roots Initiative. We have already found homes for them across the region, from Northport down to Traverse City to Elk Rapids. Trees are critical infrastructure for a healthy, happy, strong community and we are thrilled to see the community jump at a chance to plant some trees. Thank you.



  • Japan’s Disaster Parks – Parks where benches turn into stoves, manholes become toilets, and hidden bunkers store food. These are genuinely parks at another level.
  • Pandemics, Public Transit, and Automobiles  –  You might assume avoiding transit is a no brainer during a pandemic. Todd Litman of Victoria Transport Policy Institute sheds some enlightening thoughts and math on the issue.
  • Opportunity to Remake Cities  –  Open streets and slow streets are popular policies that are giving people space to roam during COVID-19. Are they equally great for nonemergency times?

ACTION: Our friends at League of Michigan Bicyclists continue to lobby Governor Whitmer’s office to allow bicycle shops to be re-open for no-contact sales and service. Ideally, this will be included in her order starting May 1st. Thank you if you have previously sent a message. We encourage you to send one more to add your voice to the effort –– Bicycles are essential transportation.

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay active, responsibly. Roll with you again soon.

Gary Howe
Advocacy Director

P.S. Is your business ready to be certified a Bicycle Friendly BusinessI can help your business with the application.

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