Advocacy Newsletter: Keep On, Keep Rolling. Onward We Go!

Advocacy Newsletter, May 13, 2020

Cargo Bike

Lindsey Demmy hauls the little ones to a nearby park on her sweet Workcycles Kr8. She’s seeing the number of utility bikes steadily climb in Northern Michigan and predicts that with social distancing the new normal, “cargo/long-tail bike playdates are going to be the hot trend this summer.” Keep it rolling, Lindsey!

Hello Norte Supporter,

When it comes to preventing viruses like COVID-19, influenza, and the common cold, outside is always better than inside. As I heard this past week, “fewer faces, bigger spaces.”

We’re anticipating that as this pandemic progresses into summer, Northern Michigan is going to become the outdoor playground of choice for more and more people. A recent mobility report from Google already shows a 120% increase in visits to parks in Grand Traverse County since March, and walk and bike rates are up significantly. Once June hits, we’re going to need more space for people to avoid crowding and to continue physical distancing while scientists race to develop a COVID-19 vaccine. Downtown Traverse City is already considering closing Front Street to support businesses, but we also need the City to create more space for people to comfortably access shops, services, and the outdoors across our community––this is also good for business.

We’ve reported on the positive trend happening in cities across the world and are thrilled to see many municipalities already making permanent open and slow street programs. The City Commission discussed options a few weeks ago, and, at the time, commissioners wanted to see more specifics. TART and Norte subsequently obliged by teaming up to offer an option called Slow Streets TC. The proposal would create a series of connected neighborhood slow streets –– starting with equipment already in supply, like cones and signage.

The idea is to create more room for people to walk, bike, or get about in a wheelchair. We can do this incrementally by calming traffic and creating a shared street environment where people driving are alerted to expect more people –– young and old, on foot and bike. This would give more space on sidewalks and bring more peace of mind to parents and others. Traffic calming is like planting a tree, the best time to put it in place was 20 years ago, the second-best time is now.

The City Commission will be addressing Slow Streets TC soon, and we’re asking all of you to lend your voice of support to the cause. In our proposal, we requested that the City of Traverse adopt a COVID-19 response, Slow Streets TC, to slow vehicle speeds. We offered a few suggestions and willingness to help maintain and monitor the program.

Review the joint TART and Norte proposal, and please share your message of support to

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some articles from around the globe for livable streets. These Streets May Stay Open Forever • Give People the Public Space They Need • Cities Seeing Fewer Cars, Plan to Keep It That Way • 20 Miles of Healthy Streets in Seattle.


We can’t get enough of these new sidewalks transforming Traverse Heights. Barlow and Hannah Street have never looked so fabulous and inviting. We thank the City of Traverse City, partner organizations, and countless citizens for the collective effort to add 14 miles of sidewalk over 3 years. If these new sidewalks have changed your life, let us know. We’re looking for stories to tell. Shoot me an email and let’s talk!


  • Pipe Up for the Civic Center –– Grand Traverse County Parks and Recreation is planning for some significant changes to Norte’s home base. Help us, help them, bring the “Civic Center Park into the future” by taking this preference survey.
  • Census 2020 –– Michigan has lost 5 US representatives since 1970 due to population decline, from 19 to 14 in 2010. This decline also means less federal assistance and a weakened vote count in the electoral college. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s private – Be Counted for Michigan.
  • Norte’s Neighborhood Yard Sale is Rolling –– We know some of you have spent the last few months cleaning out the garage. If you’ve found an old bike that you no longer need, here’s your chance to sell it and support the Norte Kids Bike Library. Friday is the deadline to list an item for sale and sales begin on May 16.

Two months ago, we stepped into the pandemic reality with tremendous uncertainty. In response, we leaned in and started to showcase more of what we do at Norte by sharing the Advocacy Newsletter to the entire Norte list. Previously, the Advocacy Newsletter went exclusively to people who signed up for advocacy-related news, action items, and features.

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Stay Home. Stay Safe. Stay Active, Responsibly. We’ll be rolling together soon.

Gary Howe
Advocacy Director

P.S. Is your business ready to be certified a Bicycle Friendly BusinessI can help your business with the application. The current certification round is due June 10.

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