Elk Rapids Update: It takes a Community – Thank You πŸ™


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It Takes a Community

My husband and I once biked across the country. We were only dating then, but we were looking for something. Or, somewhere. We took it slow and considered what it means to find a community you love.Β 

There were days I felt like I was losing my mind and moments when I rejoiced. It’s incredible how much relief and joy one can have when a stranger shares something as simple as ice-cold water. One thing for sure, our cross country trip shattered my obsession to do everything myself. I was humbled.Β 

Along the way, people offered us more than water. Strangers provided us shelter, snacks, dinner, and immediate friendship. I was blown away with our country’s generosity. Β We learned on this tour that the communities we loved the most were the most committed to outdoor recreation and had the natural wonders to show for it. It felt like a secret club we needed to join!

After five years of searching, we struck gold. We found the Village of Elk Rapids and the perfect place for us to live, work, play, and build a family. This realization crystallized this past month.Β 

Last week, we erected and cut the ribbon forΒ The Chain Hub in Elk Rapids, a bike library and community bike shop. The Chain Hub name calls out to the Chain of Lakes and all the connections who made a dream come true. Nestled on Elk Lake’s shores at Rotary Park, Norte’s bike library is already filled to the rafters with bikes ready to get out there. A special thank you to McLain Cycle & Fitness for their generous bike donation.

The community we call home took on this grassroots effort with enormous enthusiasm. We showed that being outside, gaining a love of a two-wheeled life, and having a sense of freedom are critical skills to teach the next generation. I’m overflowing with gratitude for how many residents volunteered their trailers, tools, time, skills, money, and encouragement to help build this little shed. It is a small but mighty hub, and I am excited to see all that Antrim County can offer.Β 

Thank you, sincerely. Thank you.

Lauren Dake


P.S. Our fundraiser will be going through Friday, October 2. All donations will go towards building our scholarship fund for Antrim County residents. Scholarships will help ensure anyone who wants to can partake in Norte programs. Β Donate $100 and have your name inscribed on one of our sweet bike mounts from Up.Bike.


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