It’s still mountain bike season out there!


Hitting Our Stride

As we wrap up our third week of practice and tip over the halfway point of the season, the weather is doing that northern Michigan thing, the leaves are putting on their show, and all that sand is finally starting to stick together enough to be fast again. It’s still a great time of year to be out on bikes, whether that’s railing a turn at Palmer, cutting across TC to get to the commons, or slowing down to appreciate the trees at Maplehurst. From everyone here at Norte, thank you for riding bikes with us this fall.

From the coaches’ reports that we are reading, it sounds like the teams are hitting their strides and gelling nicely. We’d like to heap appreciation on the sponsors who helped make this happen this season. Take a look at all the generous local businesses on the back of the Farm Team Tech T-shirts and Norte jerseys. They all chipped in to provide the riders with these cool duds so that parents could put that money towards replacing skidded-through rear tires instead. When it comes time to head out and support our own communities, please remember to support these great champions as well.

Thank You, Bike Shops

Here’s a special appreciation to all the local bike shops. They are doing their best to put our bikes back together and keep them rolling this fall. McLain’s recently donated even more youth bikes to the Grand Traverse Region bike libraries. It’s staggering how many bicycles have been passed on to very appreciative kids in this area, thanks to McLain’s.

Each one of those people, businesses, and organizations printed on our team apparel and listed on this impressive page has contributed ongoing financial support to keep our fees low, as well as awesome moral support to our youth participants and staff. This season is certainly different than others, but the immense community support and involvement in our youth mountain bike teams are just as heartwarming as ever. Thank you to everyone who has played a part in this big project.

This weekend offers another chance to travel downstate to participate in the MiSCA race series, which continues this month. Several of our Varsity racers earned a spot on the “virtual podium” last weekend. Great job down there, racers! Way to represent, and good luck again this weekend!

More locally, on Saturday we’re hosting the Take A Girl Mountain Biking Day at the Vasa Singletrack. This is a perfect opportunity to grab a friend and introduce her to some FUN!

This Sunday is another Vasa Domingos meet up at the Commons. Riders will meet in the grassy clearing across the street from Greenspire Middle School. All are welcome to come and check out this amazing trail network right in town. Next week, Domingos heads to Palmer Woods!

Keep Up the Great Work

Also, I want to thank the parents for helping us keep everyone safe and healthy. Please continue to send riders to practice with masks, reinforce the need to keep safe distances, and take the daily health screen. These actions help keep Norte staff and families safe, healthy, and happy while also helping to stop the spread of the coronavirus. As well, I hope all parents are as pleased with your young rider’s effort, energy, and progress as all of us coaches are. This hard work will pay off big time whether these youth are traveling to race this season or just getting out to blow off some steam after a hard day of 2020. It’s once again a great time to be on a bike with friends!


Here’s to an awesome October, friends.