The Wonderful People Powering Team Orange

From the Clubhouse to the Wheelhouse. From the new Chain Hub in Elk Rapids and the six trailheads where kids met to ride mountain bikes this fall. In each place, I’ve met so many wonderful people this year committed to happy, healthy, strong communities and active-for-life kids. These are the wonderful people who power the small but mighty tribe, Team Orange.

These many people have powered Team Orange to what will be – despite all the challenges – our most impactful year yet.

None of this would be possible without hundreds of wonderful people who donated their time, energy, and financial resources to support happy, healthy, strong communities and active-for-life kids.

It’s a testament to this incredible place we live and the amazing people who call it home.

Thank you to Norte’s heart and soul.

PS — Because of a less than great forecast, we postponed last week’s volunteer celebration to this coming Saturday. Join us at the lovely and spacious Farm Club on Saturday, October 24th, from 4-7 pm. First drink on us! Please RSVP. And, let’s be responsible – mask up, keep a distance, and stay home if you’re not 100%.