What’s next? Here’s the plan.

Family on Bikes at the Civic Center

Norte responded to 2020 and ​the ​new challenges​ of the pandemic​ in innovative ways and deeper resolve to happy, healthy, strong. As a result, we reached more families than ever across the Grand Traverse region.

Here are only a few reasons to celebrate 2020 and look forward to an incredible 2021:

Happy, Healthy, and Strong for Everyone

Norte’s illustrious board recently adopted a two-year strategic plan to assert our priorities and guide our path forward. Everything that Norte does daily works towards one of the following focus areas, each with primary goals and actions for the team:

  1. Active for Life Kids
  2. Happy, Healthy, Strong Communities
  3. Grassroots Advocacy
  4. A Leveled-Up Team Orange

We affirm that living happy, healthy, and strong is for everyone. One specific area we’re emphasizing in this year’s strategic plan is accessibility and equity. Norte thrives when our programs and the community campaigns we support are rich in diversity and further equity.

If you share our goal of a happier, healthier, and stronger Northern Michigan, please consider a gift to Norte today. Please read through the Norte Strategic Plan and reach out to me if you have any questions.

We are moving forward as a community. We increasingly understand that an active, connected community is a resilient community. Norte, with your support, is at the forefront of this progress.

With resilience and gratitude,


Ty Schmidt, Executive Director

P.S. The easiest way to donate to Norte is to text “ORANGE” to 44321 or visit Elgruponorte



Happy. Healthy. Strong.