Great Coaches Needed for Growing Mountain Bike Program

Mountain Bike Team at Palmer Woods

Norte is planning its most ambitious spring season for 2021 and we’re looking for great coaches.

This past fall, we took a chance and expanded to seven practice locations for our Grand Traverse Region Youth Mountain Bike Team. It was a big success—like, huge. We smile every time we look through the fall program report bursting with positive rider and family feedback [2020 Fall Youth Mountain Bike Team Report]. 

However, we’re always looking for ways to improve. One thing is for sure, over the last few seasons, we have learned that demand for this type of youth programming exists across Northern Michigan. It seems there’s no limit to where riding bikes with friends doesn’t work; it’s a perfect recipe for happy, healthy, strong people — young and old. This spring, Norte will be offering more practices in more communities. We have riders, we’re rich with trails, and now we need to find the coaches. 

We’ve learned that the mountain bike program starts with extraordinary coaches. We seem to find just enough each year, but we must begin onboarding earlier to expand further into Northern Michigan. Early hiring will allow more time to get to know the new coaches, enable training, and for us all to get to know the trails together. Our end goal is to have the best coaches for the best young riders anywhere.   


Mountain Bike Team Practice


Here’s what we are looking for in a great coach. 

  • A great coach loves riding bikes and loves sharing that passion with young riders. 
  • A great coach is creative, adaptive, and puts joy into every practice.

A great coach will combine all that into one smiling, energetic delivery that makes riding bikes a natural outlet for our young riders. The right coach lifts the enjoyment level to a point where these young rippers don’t even notice that they are learning essential life skills like perseverance, independence, cooperation, and even math.   

Yes, of course, we made a list of coaches’ best traits that we’ve observed over the years. 

You’re probably saying, “Ben, I’m so much fun, and I’m so responsible it hurts! But I can barely ride no-handed, let alone pull off any sweet tricks. How can I be a youth mountain bike coach?” 

Take it from me. You don’t have to be a wheelie master or high flyer to be a great coach. Giving these kids your time and attention, letting them be kids in the woods on bikes, and then delivering them back to their parents safe and without significant injury is what we ask.  We can help you with all that. 

Sounds like a good time? Do you think you have the time and energy to commit to a five-week spring season? Check out our latest job post for the Youth Mountain Bike Team Coach for more details.

If you’re still reading this, you might also be interested in a similar coaching position for our Summer Bike Camp from June to August. A little sunnier, a little warmer, and a different group of campers each week, Summer Bike Camp is whole lot of fun too!




Happy. Healthy. Strong.