Measuring Inspiration Three Hours at a Time

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Each spring and fall, we’re fortunate to spend three hours a week with some amazing kids. The young riders who participate in Youth Mountain Bike Team or Bike Más inspire us all as they inspire each other—with friends old and new. These three hours are full of laughter, riding, running, exploring the wilderness, and getting up close and personal with local landmarks.

We’re also highly interested in what happens during the remaining 165 hours of their week: classes, homework, laughter, music, family time, and other active pursuits. How these hours are spent is different for every student, even within the same family.

Why are we interested in these other hours—the time not spent in Norte‘s saddle?

Our programming’s ultimate goal is to create active-for-life students who are confident and independent participants in and for their community.

We aim to foster “healthy, happy, and strong” as a life-long pursuit. And being “ready-to-learn” directly prepares our students for what’s next in their education: whether today, tomorrow, or next year. The lessons learned at Norte extend far beyond the hours shared riding bikes together. The habits learned in these three hours of riding are investments in the other 165 hours of the week.

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Independent kids won’t only be free and strong on the trails; they’ll be fearless leaders in their schools and communities. What they discover during after-school rides leads to questions about the region’s history and turns into family excursions, led by the young tour guides excited to show off what they learned at Norte.

Whether we spend three hours per week or per year together, we want to see how the skills your student has taken away from Norte programs have impacted their life. That’s why we send the occasional email asking you to check in with us in the form of a survey. We appreciate immensely all of your insights and feedback. It always provides motivation and inspiration.

We invite you to look through our past surveys and responses on the reports page. Here, we have post-program statistics for the 2020 Summer Bike Camp, the Fall 2020 Youth Mountain Bike Season, and the camp’s academic in-school impacts months later.

What goes on in the other 165 hours? From the look of the responses, it looks pretty fantastic.

Here’s to happy, healthy, strong, ready-to-learn, active-for-life, incredible Norte kids.

Communications Coordinator, Norte


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