In Memory of James Emmett Boardman

Jim riding his tricycle in Elk Rapids, shortly after moving there in May of 2020.
Jim Boardman riding his tricycle in Elk Rapids, shortly after moving into the area in May of 2020.


Our thoughts have been with our Outreach Coordinator, Lauren Dake, and her family since her father passed away on Christmas week. Recently, her aunt donated to Norte on behalf of her brother and shared the following story. With her permission, we share it here.


Dear wonderful people at Norte,

I have just made an online donation of $100 in memory of my brother, James Boardman, Lauren Dake’s father, who died on December 21, 2020.

Bike riding was an integral part of our childhoods. Although my brother was profoundly Deaf and had a severe visual impairment, he loved bike riding throughout his whole life.

As his vision deteriorated, he began riding an adult tricycle. In April of 2020, he was diagnosed with ALS and moved with his wife out to Traverse City to be closer to Lauren. Knowing his love of biking and his reduced physical condition, Lauren got him an electric tricycle. Riding this bike prolonged his ability to exercise and his sense of independence while exploring Elk Rapids and his new neighborhood in Acme.

Working for Norte, Lauren has also facilitated some bike riding gatherings for Deaf people in the Traverse City area. My brother Jim was very proud of Lauren’s work with Norte. He recognized the wholesome benefits of outdoor exercise, adventure, transportation, and social interaction, which Norte promotes. I know my brother enjoyed participating in Norte Meetups for the Deaf Community this past autumn.

I have been on the Norte email list this past year, and I am so impressed with your organization. Although I live in the Adirondacks of NY, I love reading about all your activities. I am thrilled with Lauren’s involvement. It seems a perfect match for her varied skills and interests.

Keep up the great work!

Nan Boardman Amstutz


Thank you, Nan. We appreciate your support and sharing the story of your brother with Team Orange.


Ride in Peace

James Emmett Boardman



Happy healthy Strong