35 Years of Community Celebration with Retiring City Planner, Russ Soyring

Russ Soyring on a boat and relaxing.

Russ Soyring has served as the City Planner of Traverse City since 1986. His impact on the community is far and wide. In large part, it’s thanks to Soyring that Traverse City is consistently recognized as a leader in promoting walking and rolling. For the last 35 years, you could find him almost daily riding his bike from Central Neighborhood, through Hannah Park, and to the Governmental Center.

Last week, he sat down with Norte’s Advocacy Director, Gary Howe, to chat about his experience during the previous four decades and our community’s past and future challenges and opportunities. He retires this week. Team Orange extends our deepest gratitude for his vision and commitment to making Traverse City and Northern Michigan one of the best places to live.


Thank you, Russ. We look forward to working with you on your next big plans, even if we start small. 😉


Soyring’s position will be filled by Shawn Winter in early March. Winter facilitated Norte’s first Advocate Academy in 2018. We’re equally excited about the next 35 years for the community as we are looking back with Soyring. 

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