More Kids on Bikes is the Answer

Image of smiling kids on bikes and Norte team members.

After years of being asked, “how can we start something like Norte in my town,” Norte is finally ready and willing to assist. Not that we’re experts in organizational development, but we’ve learned a thing or two about creating rocking bike programs, engaging community champions, encouraging citizen advocacy, and finding a way to make it work when all odds say it shouldn’t.

This winter, we helped Jenny and her team at Velo Kids in Holland, Michigan, grow their youth mountain bike program and launch a summer bike camp. It is empowering to see Velo Kids replicate the magic we create here in Northern Michigan. We have been growing and fine-tuning our system since 2013, and I love that we share big goals with them.

Jenny was kind enough to offer the following testimonial. I encourage everyone to check out their excellent work.

Norte has been such a help as we have expanded our programming to include Summer Bike Camps and Junior Velo Mountain Bike Club. Ty’s advice and assistance have been awesome, from insurance questions to strategic plans and coach hiring to curriculum development. We are so thankful and look forward to this partnership in the future.

Thank you for helping us get more kids on bikes!”

-Jenny White, Velo Kids Board President

If you or your community is interested, or know someone who is, let me know. Our youth-focused, walk-and-roll advocacy calls northern Michigan home, but we’re ready to help local changemakers across the state. If a community is looking to build a healthy culture around active-for-life kids and stronger, better connected, more walk and roll-friendly communities, we’re interested.

We are available for guest speaking, coaching, hands-on training, and continued consultation as your programs and efforts grow.

Read more at Norte Consulting and shoot me an email to get started.

Let’s roll!

Ty, Executive Director


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