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Norte’s 2020 Annual Report

Despite the urge, we’re not quite ready to bury the tumultuous year of 2020, so today, we roll-out Norte‘s 2020 Annual Report. With stories, images, and graphics, we offer a glimpse into the story of last year. We recognize the difficulties while celebrating the successes.

To tell the year’s story, we invited board members, coaches, and core staff to contribute their perspectives on the year. In these pages, we thank hundreds of donors and fantastic volunteers, in addition to Norte‘s seasonal bike coaches and the growing team of Business Champions. All of whom we depend on to keep rolling towards our vision of happy, healthy, strong.

The stories we’ve collected in this 24-page report aren’t the only stories we experienced. There are far too many to retell in one account. For example, sidewalks and shared streets were a big part of 2020—including a heartfelt story about sidewalk chalk art. We also joined with critical partners for a future Three Mile Trail and a more accessible East Bay Township.

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There are some untold but revealing stories we left out of the report as well. For example, one particular page quickly rose to one of our most visited and useful, as Very Orange Norte Mask took off. Thank you, Ms. Arnold, of Customs By Susan, for keeping us safe. Similarly, when we started selling used bikes, visits to the online used bikes + accessories page skyrocketed. The web page ended up the most viewed page of the entire year (the store is still open, by the way).

Notably, the annual report is a way to look forward. It gives us a chance to take stock of what we achieved, build on what we learned, and further dedicate ourselves to keep it rolling. We trust you’ll enjoy reflecting with us.


Gary, Advocacy & Communications Director

P.S. Thank you to Chelsea Bay Dennis for contributing her design talents, for everyone who contributed stories and content, and for everyone who helped pull the 2020 Annual Report together.



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