Let’s plant 1000 trees together!🌲

We know there are many changes we can make to ensure we live a low or zero-emissions life. Many of them, we probably already do. Avoiding idling gas-powered vehicles, buying local, using an electric or push mower, and of course, walking or rolling whenever we can.

The more carbon in our atmosphere, the greater the greenhouse effect heats our planet. Choosing zero-emission transportation, like walking and riding a bike, means we’re not adding to the exorbitant 415 parts per million of carbon in our atmosphere (actually, make that 420 PPM as of last weekend).

But what’s there to do about that carbon already up there? That’s where our happy little trees come in.

This spring, Norte’s again teaming up with our friends at the Conservation Resource Alliance to bring 1000 new trees to Northern Michigan. These little seedlings — with species all native to Northern Michigan — will one day grow up to store the atmosphere’s carbon in their trunks and branches and use it to produce oxygen for safe breathing.

Plant it

Want to be a part of the tree-planting celebration? Here’s how you can participate and plant up to five trees. Bonus, it’s at no cost to you.

  1. Visit Plant Northern Michigan to see what species are currently available. If your workplace or school wants to join in, please use our Plant Northern Michigan Partners page.
  2. Pick up your trees at the Clubhouse on May 1, 2021, and have a plan to plant your trees within three days of receiving them — check CRA’s care tips.
  3. Please share your photos with us! We love to see them and follow your seedling’s growth.
  4. Put your trees on the map, so we can track where all the Norte seedlings go.

Join the thousands, if not millions, of heroes planting trees across Earth this spring. Together, we can do amazing things.

Jessie, Communications Coordinator

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